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Meet our Team

We want to ensure that every child leaving primary school will know how to address an audience in an articulate, engaging manner, using all their public speaking tools.


Nicky Browne

Nicky is an award winning public speaker, a teacher with international experience in both primary and secondary schools.


She has an unshakable belief that every child has the ability to shine -  whether it is standing with their strong commanding presence or delivering a speech that makes a difference.  She has a confidence that is transferable, an expectation that delivers and a strong belief and passion in her subject. 


Her inspiring, clear, uncomplicated approach to teaching delivers results. 

 She has been an award winning toastmaster for the past seven years and is highly sought after for both creating and delivering speeches and workshops. Having worked in Rome Italy, Perth WA, Mazabuka Zambia, Dublin Ireland and throughout the UK, she has gained valuable experience in teaching primary school children. 


Nicky is the creator of The Mighty Oak® Public Speaking Programme.  

Once created, the need for a 'super team' became apparent, and here they are:

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Rebecca Curry

Administrator and Finance Manager 

Rebecca is our abundantly patient, diligent and detailed administrator.
She makes sure that all the schools, the trainers, the workshops and the paperwork tally!
She makes the journey from registration to competition smooth, calm and enjoyable!  She also manages all financial matters. 


Sarah Kiedish
Executive Trainer

Sarah is a Primary School teacher and has many years of experience.
She brings a calm, inclusive, encouraging presence to her workshops, in a fun and dynamic way!
Every child leaves feeling like a public speaker!

Lisa Rogers.png

Lisa Rogers
Music and audio composition

Lisa is a very talented musician, composer and sound designer. She is responsible for the music and the audio design for our 8-9,  9-10 yr programmes and all our promotional videos.   

Carbon Neutral

We are Carbon Neutral

Since July 2019

The Mighty Oak is very proud to know that Dodo, a company designed to create a carbon neutral environment for companies, is keeping track of our emissions and working with us to ensure that we remain neutral.


Our Testimonials


"I feel passionate that public speaking should be part of the curriculum at St Pius X.  Many of our pupils arrive at school without experience of enriched conversation but this cannot be a barrier to their future success. 

Public speaking is a tool that gives our pupils the necessary skills to express themselves with confidence and prepare them for the wider world".

—  Head Teacher - St Pius X Catholic Primary School

Our Awards

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