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Irish Language Curriculum

The development of oral language is awarded an importance as great as that of reading and writing. The Mighty Oak Public Speaking Programme is in line with requirements for the Oral Language strand of the English Curriculum.

As well as meeting the specific skill requirements, this programme ensures that each child gets the experience and practice of using their voice in a strong and confident way.
It gives the teachers a specific, simple, interactive work scheme with progressive lesson plans which cover the specific skills required to teach the oral language part of the curriculum.

The skills taught within the programme can be built on and used throughout the year.  
The activities within the programme dovetail with some of the writing requirements outlined in the writing strands.

As Gaeilge

Tá an chlár seo oiriúnach don Churaclam Nua Teanga na Bunscoile. 

Beidh se le fáil as gaeilge go luath.

Irish Language
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