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Our Programmes

Public Speaking skills will open doors, will promote confidence, will lift ceilings, will invite employability, will change mindsets. 

For many, school is the only place these children will have the opportunity to acquire this skill. 

By the time your top class are leaving school, they will know how to address any audience in a confident articulate manner. 

For any headteacher who wishes to ensure that every single child in their school gets the opportunity to learn to speak with engaging confidence, then this programme is for you, your pupils and your teachers. 

How it works

An Introduction from Nicky Browne

Please have a look around this website and see what our headteachers, class teachers and pupils say. Decide what would suit your school and contact us to get started. This video gives you an overall idea of how our programmes work.

Cultural Capital

Public Speaking Skills are part of the essential knowledge children need to be educated citizens.  This feeds into Educational Authority frameworks which requires schools to develop cultural capital.

Whole School Programme

This programme is designed for children aged 6-11 yrs old. Your staff receive the training and tools they need to confidently teach public speaking to their class.

Training is accessible online or can be delivered by Mighty Oak founder Nicky Browne. The In-person training is thorough, impactful and hands on, with every staff member taking part.  Every class teacher has access to the lessons, the teaching manual, the video examples, certificates and skills assessment, ensuring every pupil receives a very high standard of teaching. 


Hybrid Programmes

Taught by founder Nicky Browne and facilitated by the class teacher. 

The hybrid programmes are vibrant, inclusive, fast paced and very effective with immediate results. The programmes include:

Age 8-9yrs: Learning how to be a chair person, make an excellent introduction, how to deliver a short speech and how to ask an open question.... using the four public speaking tools. 

Age 9-10yrs Learning how to create and deliver an engaging story in a captivating way.  All 4 tools of public speaking are used. 

Age 10 - 11yrs  Learning how to create and deliver a very well structured speech, (Inspiring, Persuasive, Entertaining or Informative) with an  attention-grabbing opening, a clear pathway for the audience to follow and a compelling call to action close. 

Age 12- 15yrs   Learning how to present with confidence. The programme teaches presentation production and delivery skills to a professional standard. 



Our competition programmes are available for 

8-9yrs      In person at Anglia Ruskin University 

                International online comp

9-10yrs     International online Story Telling Comp 

10-11yrs   International online Speech Comp

The competitions run once a year in April May time. 

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Staff Training

We have staff training programmes to teach new teachers, to support class teachers, and to promote continuous professional development in public speaking and presentation skills.

The Early Career Teacher Training programme teaches new teachers how to confidently present to peers, parents and at school functions. 

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