Our Programmes

If you are interested in ensuring that the pupils of your school leave knowing how to address an audience in a confident and articulate way, you are in the right place.

How it works

An Introduction from Nicky Browne

Please have a look around this website and see what our headteachers, class teachers and pupils say. Decide what would suit your school and contact us to get started. This video gives you an overall idea of how our programmes work.

Cultural Capital

Public Speaking Skills are part of the essential knowledge children need to be educated citizens.  This feeds into Educational Authority frameworks which requires schools to develop cultural capital.

Whole School Programme

This programme is designed for children aged 6-11 yrs old. Your staff receive the training and equipment they need to confidently teach public speaking to their class.

Training is onsite and delivered by Mighty Oak founder Nicky Browne. This programme is high energy and impactful, with every staff member taking part. You will receive a manual for each class, which contains clear, easy to follow lesson plans, ensuring every pupil receives a very high standard of teaching. 


Year Group Programmes

A different programme for each stage in the pupil's school life.

Each class teacher receives the manual with a scheme of work showing detailed lesson plans for every activity within every lesson. All scripts to be used and all teaching points are carefully laid out in a clear, simple and easy to follow format. ​There are clear video examples of each activity in every lesson showing structure, layout and intended outcomes.



Our competition programmes take the class teacher and pupils through the steps to becoming engaging storytellers.

These programmes include a manual, stories, and fast-paced, interactive lessons. At the end of the programme there are competitions accessible to any pupil the teacher wishes to enter.

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Staff Training

We have staff training programmes to teach new teachers, to support class teachers, and to promote continuous professional development in public speaking and presentation skills.

We will train your staff in person, or through online video training with a carefully created manual to accompany each lesson.  

You have the option of individual, group, or whole school training.