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8-9yrs Team Programme and Competition

Allow every pupil in your class the opportunity to learn how to use public speaking tools and speak with confidence.  

About the Programme and Competition

The programme is high energy and action-packed and offers every pupil the opportunity to speak. Pupils learn the 4 tools of public speaking through two in-person workshops delivered by one of our trainers, or through six online lessons taught by Mighty Oak founder Nicky Browne and facilitated by the class teacher. The competition is designed to give a platform to showcase the pupils' learning.

There are two distinct purposes to the competition: 

1 - To provide your very articulate pupils with an opportunity to stretch themselves further.

2 - To provide your less confident pupils with an opportunity to be part of a team, to represent their school, and to 'achieve'.

There is an in-person and an online competition. Each class will submit one competition entry.

There are 7 roles on an in-person team.

3 roles are judged: ​

  • Chairperson

  • Speaker 

  • Questioner


4 roles are not judged (created for confidence building):

  • Manager

  • Poetry line reader

  • Captain

  • Word Master

There are 9 roles on an online team.


6 roles are judged: ​

  • Chairperson

  • Speaker 

  • Questioner 1

  • Questioner 2

  • Captain

  • MC2


3 roles are not judged (created for confidence building):

  • MC1

  • Master of set and stage (MSS)

  • Master of technology and sound (MTS)

Competition Entries

Note that the 8-9 year Team Programme and Competition is our Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) initiative and is not for profit, with these prices being costs only.


The In-Person and Hybrid Options take place in the Anglia Ruskin University in Essex, so for other locations in the UK or internationally, sign up for our Online Option. 

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5 easy steps


Choose an option

In-Person, Online or Hybrid


Register your Team

Send us the registration form


Book the Workshops

For In-Person or Hybrid options


 Set the Poetry Assignment

One per Class


Choose your Topic

Let us know!

Frequently Asked Questions

Cannot find an answer to your question? Contact us!


Should the poems be typed or handwritten?

The poems can be typed or handwritten. We do request that the final winning poet handwrites and decorates their poem, as it will be framed and gifted to the judges.

Where should I send the poems to?

You can scan and email your poems to the administrator at essexprimaryschesu@gmail.com

How many poems should I enter?

The class teacher needs to choose and submit ONE winning poem from EACH class.

Does the Poetry Line Reader need to learn their line off by heart?

The Poetry Line Reader can read or recite the line they have been given; whichever the pupil feels more comfortable with.


Can the workshops be delivered in the classroom?

The workshops are created as such that a large, open space is required for the pupils in the class to move around without any obstacles. Therefore, we need to deliver the workshops in the school hall.

Can I change the competition date I have been given?

We understand that school events may suddenly change and impact on your competition date and we will try our hardest to accommodate such instances wherever possible. However, the impact on changing dates will affect the other participating schools and we may not be able to adjust the schedule.

Can we change our topic?

You may change your topic as many times as necessary to ensure your pupils are comfortable and confident with it. We will send a confirmation email requesting final details prior to printing the programmes and the topic cannot be changed thereafter.

What scripts should my pupils learn?

Each role in the team has its own script. We encourage your team to use the script as a guideline and to individualise it as much as possible.

Thank you Letters

How many Thank You letters should the winning school write?

The Year 4 pupils from the winning school should write ONE Thank You letter to Professor Watkins and ONE to any sponsors on behalf of all the participating schools, and are encouraged to share their personal experience of taking part in the competition.

Who writes Thank You letters?

The winning school of the Year 4 Public Speaking Competition writes Thank You letters on behalf of all the participating schools.

Who should the winning school address the Thank You letters to?

We always thank Professor Watkins, the Vice Chancellor of Anglia Ruskin University, for his generosity in allowing us to host the competition at the Chelmsford Campus and for getting the programmes printed and offering refreshments. We also like to thank any sponsors. Their details, if any, will be given to the school.

Where should the winning school send their Thank You letters?

The winning school will write their Thank You letters following the competition announcements and post them to the Mighty Oak administrator at 67 Richmond Road, Colchester, Essex, CO2 7FJ.

Competition Venue

Is there parking at the competition venue?

Unfortunately, there is limited parking available at the campus and the few parking spaces we are given are allocated to the judges. The university strongly recommends arranging a coach to drop you off at the venue.

Can pupils invite family and friends to the competition?

Currently, there are limited numbers of attendees allowed in each theatre due to social distancing regulations. You will be informed by email prior to the competition if guests will be allowed to attend the competition. We understand that many parents/guardians and pupils wish to share this very special moment in such prestigious surroundings, so we will also record the competition and DVDs will be available to purchase.

Are young children and babies allowed at the competition?

Regrettably, young children and babies are not able to attend the competition. It is very distracting for the team members if there are young children or babies moving about, talking or crying while they are on stage, and some audience members and judges may find it difficult to hear the team members speaking on stage.

Can pupils bring their lunch to the competition venue?

Although light refreshments will be available at the venue, we cannot cater for any dietary needs and strongly suggest that pupils bring their own packed lunches to ensure they are sufficiently fed.

How do I get to the competition venue?

Click here for a map of Chelmsford City Centre.

You may also get a map of the Campus here.