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Online Competition: 

The focus of the online competition programme we have designed has you, the teacher in mind. 
The scheme of work, the lesson plans and the teaching is all complete.  Your role is to facilitate, encourage and reward.
There are 6 lessons. We recommend an hour a week of hall time.  The programme leads to the competition.  By the end of the 6th lesson, you and your class will be more than prepared.

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In Person Competition: 

The programme comprises two workshops delivered in schools (with the option of having one delivered online). 

A trainer comes to your school and delivers vibrant, active workshops with all children participating, all children speaking and every single child leaving with a sense of increase.  The class learn how to hold a commanding presence, like the Mighty Oak, how to use their eye contact, how to use their voice, how to gesture and how to both hold and move their speaking space. 

The second workshop is centred around preparation for the competition. 

There are 7 on a team and the entire event is managed by the children. 

Our three judges on each day of competition are from all walks of life; we have Judges, Coaches, Surgeons, Business People, Chief of Police, Government officials, Radio hosts, Hair dressers … and the list goes on.

There is a poetry competition run concurrently and the winning poet has their poem learned and read out by one pupil from each participating school. 

The schools team manager has a specific role on the day ranging from MC, introducing teams, presenting framed copies of the winning poem to each judge, bringing tea and coffee and conversing with the judges on the day, to sitting at the organisers table as chief assistant.  The team managers all have their names and their places reserved on the day. 


Our speakers, managers and judges  in action

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