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Whole School Programme

Teach pupils how to address an audience in a confident and articulate way.

The aim of The Mighty Oak® Public Speaking Programme is that every child leaving primary school will know how to address an audience in an articulate, engaging manner, using all their public speaking tools.

Our Principles

The focus within the programme is on delivery and less on what to say.

Each of us carries our ‘magic toolbox’ in our head.  There are four tools in our ‘magic toolbox’.  The Eye Contact tool, the Gesture tool, the Voice tool, and the Moving Speaking Space tool.  In each lesson, we take out one of the tools and learn how to use it.

Principle 1

Catch the pupil doing ‘it’ right!  ‘It’ can be anything from standing tall like the Mighty Oak to projecting  a strong, clear voice.

This continual positive reinforcement is the very essence of building confidence and forms the basis for the whole programme. There is an abundance of positive reinforcement opportunities throughout every lesson, indicated by purple stars.

Principle 2

Speaking in unison: This takes the spotlight away from the individual, allowing each child to really use their voice with confidence.

The pupils become more aware of what they can do with their voice when they are speaking out again and again, without individual attention on themselves.

Principle 3

Feedback Police: Picking pupils out to be your ‘Feedback Police’ really focuses the pupils on the task in hand. 

“Who is dividing the room into three and showing excellent manners by looking at the whole audience?” The performing pupils love to be selected by the Feedback Police, resulting in sharper focus on the task in hand.


A different programme for each stage in the pupil's school life.


Each class teacher receives the manual with a scheme of work showing detailed lesson plans for every activity within every lesson. All scripts to be used and all teaching points are carefully laid out in a clear, simple and easy to follow format. ​There are clear video examples of each activity in every lesson showing structure, layout and intended outcomes.​

The programme comes with a scheme of work, detailed lesson plans, teaching manual, video training, assessment tool and online support.

Whole class programmes, to engage with all pupils.

One hour, once a week, for five or six weeks depending on the year group

Taught by the class teacher. Staff training by Nicky Browne

Every child receives a certificate for something they've achieved

Book our Programme

This programme is currently available in the UK and Ireland 

For other locations, see our Online Programmes.

Initial Launch 

Whole School Programme

Launch and Staff Training*



  • Scheme of work with Lesson Plans

  •  Training Manual for teacher

  • Training Videos

  • Certificates and Skills Assessment Tool

  • In-School 2 hr Staff Training Session

Subsequent years 

Whole School Programme 

       Ireland: 1st - 5th Class.         UK:  Yr 2 - Yr 6 

  • Scheme of work with Lesson Plans

  •  Training Manual for teacher

  • Training Videos

  • Certificates and Skills Assessment Tool


Staff Training

  • Tailored to meet the changing needs of your school 


* To book only a selected number of year groups, contact us.

** Price for Essex. For other locations, additional travel costs apply.

*** For Multi Academy Trusts or schools working in partnerships, training cost can be divided between the schools. The training takes place in one venue, with a maximum of 30 attendees and billed to lead school.

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